American Physical Society
Division of Fluid Dynamics 66th Annual Meeting
November 24–26, 2013
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Video Instructions


  • No more than 3 minutes.


  • Begin with a title screen followed by the video. The title should consist of a black background with white text stating the entry number (provided at the time of completing the intent to submit), video title, contributor names and affiliations. See example title screen.
  • Black & white and color are both acceptable.
  • Audio cannot be accommodated


Two (2) versions of the video are required:

  1. A high-quality video for display at the meeting with maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a file size < 150 MB. Any mpeg format is OK, but mpeg-4 is recommended.
  2. Small size version of the video (file size < 10 MB) for broadband viewing at the Must be in mpeg format, mpeg-1 is recommended since it is viewable on most web browsers.
  3. Both videos are subject to the same 3-minute length limit constraints and both must contain a title screen as mentioned above.

Submission Process

The submission process consists of six steps itemized below. Note that the deadline for item 1 is September 16, 2013, while the final video submission (items 2 through 6) must be completed by October 14, 2013.

  1. If you have not already done so, please complete the online Intent to Submit Form. (intent submissions are closed)
  2. Create videos according to above format specifications.
  3. Write a brief article (may be just a page or a full paper) in LaTeX format describing the videos. See Section A, Division of Fluid Dynamics video submission instructions.
  4. Create a tar or zip file containing both the article and videos. See Section B, Division of Fluid Dynamics video submission instructions.
  5. Submit the combined package to arXiv. See Sections C and D, Division of Fluid Dynamics video submission instructions.
  6. Obtain the permanent URL of the arXiv submission (emailed to you after completion of step 5 above) and enter it in the Final Video Submission Form (link also emailed after completion).

    This last step will require several days for arXiv to complete. To ensure that you will have the URL in time for the deadline, it is recommended that you complete step 5 by October 11, 2013.